338 Words Short Paragraph about Pollution

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Motor Bikes, now called Murder Bikes, trucks, cars, everywhere spread noise as well as poisonous fumes. We breathe contaminated air. Forests are being mercilessly reduced. Trees are being felled. Mountains are becoming bald. Rain waters flow into the plains causing disastrous floods. Birds and animals are losing their habitats.

As a result, the eco systems are losing of flora and fauna, collapsing at a mind-boggling pace. Mass extinction is becoming a tragic reality. The society is witnessing poisoning in almost every sphere.

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Edward Wilson, a Harvard University biologist specialising birds and animals says that at least 140 species of life (out of 80 million) are condemned to death everyday by the destruction of their natural habitat. Islands are losing all forms of life. Man is the most dirtying animal in the universe.

You see his dirty autographs everywhere. Visit any public park and you see garbage and dirt littered everywhere. The so-called “development” is the greatest culprit. In place of beautiful forests, we have jungles of concrete. Now, human life needs pollution free environment. It is a tragedy that this is what is woefully wanting. Robots can live in any environment. How man will survive one can’t guess.


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