351 Word Essay on “If One Door is Shut, Another is Opened”

January 28, 2019 admin 0 Comment

The present proverb which originated in Hebrew-speaking world has something very important for us. The proverb actually gives some spiritual colour when it says that there is another opened before one is shut. It tries to give us a due to the eternal arrangement of the nature and the universe. It has tried to demystify the secrets of nature. It is like saying there is a will where there is a way.

Many a times in our life we feel as if here is the end of our struggle. Only keep patience and search for a new start of furtherance and you have got one such chance. The time there looks an end to the story and the struggle there is a clue for tomorrow there itself. The only thing is that one keeps on looking for such openings and chances. It has been said that God helps who helps himself. This is the thing which is proverb says when if says that if one door is shut another is opened.

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