4 Factors that Affect Span of Control Amongst Managers within an Organisation

January 5, 2019 admin 0 Comment

(2) Capacity of Subordinates:

If the subordinates are well educated with adequate training and job experience, competent, motivated and mature, span of control can be wide.

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(3) Nature of Work:

If the tasks to be performed by subordinates are complex, the span of control should be small. According to Jackson and Morgan (1982), the more a subordinate’s job involves variety, unpredictability, discretion and responsibility, the smaller the span is likely to be.

(4) Degree of Decentralization and Delegation:

Optimum span of control depends on the manager’s ability to delegate and create a participative environment.

Thus, span of control depends upon situational factors. A tall organizational structure has a shorter span of control whereas a flat organizational structure has a larger span of control. Shorter span is necessary at higher levels of management and when close control is required.


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