4 Main Subsystems in an Educational Institution

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(2) Social Subsystem:

It represents the informal part of an institution. It consists of individuals and their mutual social interactions. It also includes status, group norms and values. Status denotes the social rank of a person while role denotes the behaviour pattern expected from the person.

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Norms signify the expected levels or standards of behaviour, values, morals and achievement. Social subsystem greatly influences behaviour of members of an institution. In fact, behaviours as required by the technical subsystems are modified by the social subsystem.

(3) Structural Subsystem:

It implies the pattern of interrelationships among people designed formally to accomplish co-ordination among them. It also includes the physical setting or the environment in which work is to be done.

(4) Managerial Subsystem:

It exists to create and maintain co-ordination among other subsystems to achieve the goals of the total system. It incorporates the processes of operation, review, control, direction and evaluation.

Operation here refers to teaching-learning and student-evaluation processes and control is done with reference to the objectives of the system. The managerial subsystem is also responsible for taking corrective actions on the basis of the feedback received.


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