5 Negotiating Tactics of Developed Countries as Put Forward in the Cancun Ministerial Conference

January 15, 2019 admin 0 Comment

(ii) Using involved and complicated legal terminology to put the developing countries off the track.

(iii) Use of cleverly worded drafting (such as “helping” the developing countries in structural reforms while really meaning “forcing” them to do so).

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(iv) Behind the scenes negotiations with individual developing countries so as to undermine the possibility of their taking a united stand.

(v) Heavy agricultural subsidies had been harming the farmers of the developing countries. Instead of implementing their earlier commitments of reducing these subsidies, developed countries had been finding ways of enhancing them.

Just on the eve of Cancun Conference US and EU entered into an agreement to create an impression that the poorer countries had nothing to worry about this issue. Factually, however, this US-EU agreement was vague and non-committal.


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