540 Word Essay on True Role Models

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Before we decide who we would like to have as our role models, a little bit of analysis on some factors would enable us to get the best and perfect moles for moulding ourselves. The most important of all is to choose a person who has lots of self confidence. Self confident people are those who never have a fake face and who would be what they are. Next important factor to think about is interaction.

Choose people who have good interaction skills and who think differently, or uniquely. That would enable you also to think like them. Next look for likeminded people, people who have the same wavelength in thoughts understand and get well soon. When you have people who have similar thoughts as yours, you would be happy as they would be somewhere similar to you also.

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Taking credits, that is one major characteristic. Choose people who do not take unnecessary credits of what is not theirs. Only take and accept what is your and not what is not yours. That is one important character that one should learn, and the best way is looking at your role model. And above all choose people who have done things for a good cause. When people think about others, then only the world becomes a better place to live in. People who do various charity services are good examples to look forward as they teach us the value of sharing and consideration.

For us to be a good natured and considerate person, we need an equally responsible person to look up to as our role models, and hence choose your model wisely and follow…


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