638 Words Essay on Misfortunes

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Like every other human being in this world, you too resemble a tiny seed. You have all the potential to grow into formidable proportions hidden within you. If you wilt under pressure and give up the struggle needed for flowering, you wither away into nothingness.

If you grow only half of your strength, one whiff of a gale will uproot you. It will twist you into a lifeless twig. If you have grown to your full potential and learnt to bend with the storms, you will stand the test of all adversity.

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Dependence too has a similar weakening effect on your character. It is better to throw away the ‘crutches’ face obstacles, drawing on your own inner resources. Sow two seeds – one under the protective shade of a mighty tree, the other on the top of a hill exposed to the mighty winds.

Which one do you think will grow into a sturdy tree? Of course the latter one. The former may grow a weak shrub. The latter depends on its inherent strength spreads its roots in various directions and then raises head.

Samuel Smiles, the apostle of self-help says, “Success grows out of struggles to overcome obstacles. If there were no obstacles, there would be no success.”

Real success comes only after wrestling with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and failures. Do not lose f in yourself, however heart-breaking the failure.

Life’s greatest asset is faith. Without it, there would no progress, no attempts or trials into the unknown, no confidence in one or in the future. Faith is the pilot of each of us as we take up the work set before us each of our lives.

Faith is what gives us hope and confidence and the to carry through impossible things or situations.

You only prove your strength when you meet with failure. Think of failure as your big chance, a big challenge. Seneca, the thinker, once said, “Difficulties strengthen the mind as labour does the body.”

Just as hard exercise is necessary to strengthen the body, just as mental work is needed to keep the mind strong and alert, so in life setbacks are necessary to make our character strong. Each time we overcome a failure, we emerge stronger.

We have within ourselves the resources that we need for any eventuality. Accepting this fact, let us begin by believing in ourselves and our ability to overcome failures as well as our failings.

It is the consciousness of strong, well-disciplined will that enables even the man who is down and out to rise again and battle with the world and win.

Every failure is a step to success. Every trial exhausts some form of error. No attempt is a complete failure. No failure is without some benefit. He alone is free from total failure that makes no attempt. Failure is like an accident. Get up. Start walking again. All successful people do follow this mantra.


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