7 Different Types of Administrative Records a School Must Maintain

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(b) General Register:

This is one of the most important school registers and contains a record of all the students admitted to the school. The principal of the school is personally responsible for its maintenance. It should be maintained permanently and kept in safe custody.

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Entry concerning every new student admitted or readmitted or withdrawn should be made that day itself. It should contain the following information:

(i) The enrolment
egistration number of the student.

(ii) Name of the student in full.

(iii) Dais of admission/re-admission and withdrawal/leaving.

(iv) Date of birth of the student. Great care should be taken to ensure that there are no mistakes in entering the date of birth of the student as it is often required as evidence of a child’s exact age.

(v) Name and address of the parents/guardian.

(vi) Name and address of the local guardian if the child is living in a hostel.

(vii) The class to which admitted.

(viii) The date of leaving, the class last attended and the reason for leaving.

(ix) Name of the school last attended.

(c) Visitors’ Book:

This is kept for registering a record of all the visitors entering the school. It can also contain a special section for recording the remarks of such visitors, if any. This is necessary because visitors’ remarks cannot be entered in the log book.

(d) Service Register:
(e) Transfer Certificate Register:
(f) Statistical Register:

This is a register showing figures connected with the school finances, the number of students, the number of students in classes, average attendance etc. This is required to be shown to school inspectors.

(g) Service-book:

A school must keep a service-book for each staff member separately and maintain records of a teacher’s name, address, date of birth, date of joining, increments, records of medical or other leave, placement in higher pay scales etc. Each information should be duly endorsed by the principal on a regular basis.

It should be complete and provide correct information. If a teacher leaves the school, he/she may be given a copy of the service-book. However, the original service-book should be kept in the school itself.

If a new staff-member joins the school from another school, his-her service-book should be obtained from the previous school in a duly completed form. Similarly, if a teacher leaves the school to join another school, his/her service-book should be sent to the new school.


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