Amazing Collection of 14 Short Speeches for Kids

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2. Short Speech on “Self-Control”

One must have control over one’s desires. We must not get….to everything that seems bright and glittering.

For instance, if someone has a DVD player, and we don’t have, we should not get tempted to buy what others have. We must save our money for them….and lead a reasonably comfortable life as per our income sources.

It is wrong to….and….our things with….

3. Short Speech about the “Modern Woman”

The modern woman is sometimes misunderstood by others. Men call her senseless and deceitful, but not every modern woman is….There are some wise too.

The foolish woman loses their character, but the wise remain characterful toll the last….of their life. The foolish woman find faults in others, but the wise woman correct the mistakes of others.

The wise modern woman wear modern dresses like jeans and T-shirt, but doesn’t lose her dignity. The foolish modern woman is of loose….They wear shabby dresses………..and doesn’t have any control over her….

4. Short Speech on the “Slavery of Woman”

The slavery system might have been abolished as per the country laws, but the woman’s position is still like the….in our country. The woman are not given due respect in the society.

They are treated like the slave. She is not allowed to do things as per her….She has to obey her in-laws and do things according to their wish else, she is compelled to get out of the….

The woman is not allowed to talk to her friends and relatives. Some in-laws don’t allow women to do go for work outside. They want to take the maximum household work from the women. Still they misbehave with women and exploit her for their own……The woman’s position is still that of a slave in….

5. Short Speech about a “Red Letter Day”

The phrase ‘Red letter day’ implies ‘An important day. July 12, 2006 was a red letter day for me. On this auspicious day, I got first position in inter-school Mono-acting competition. I did Mono-acting on two photographers named Jhanda and Fanda. So many people come in their…., but none of them pay them.

Firstly a policeman arrives, at their photo- studio. The policeman tells them to click a Jhanda and Fanda click his snap and demanded Rs. 25 from him. The policeman takes the snap but says that he doesn’t have money, but he shall pay the money later on. Thereafter the policeman leaves the photo studio.

6. Short Speech on “Don’t Be Overambitious”

Everyone has an ambition in….Someone wants to become a doctor, someone wants to become an engineer, and others want to be a teacher. Everyone has his own….It is right to be ambitious, but it’s wrong to be….

The overambitious person is not able to attain success in life. Just take an example of a person called Mr. X. He is an overambitious person. He doesn’t have…., but he wants to shine in sports and become a….He does his best efforts to become a sport star, but couldn’t succeed, as he doesn’t have….in sports.

Mr. X unnecessarily wasted his time and….in sports, whereas he didn’t have talent in this field. Mr. X was good in English; therefore, he would have become an English teacher, if he continued his in the right direction. But he became overambitious and ruined his life.

7. Short Speech on “Don’t Make Fun of Others”

Everyone, who is born in this world, is funny in one way or the other. But we all are ignorant of this fact. We keep on making fun of others, considering others are jokers but we are very….

A person I know was like a clown herself but used to make fun of others to show her superiority over them. This is wrong. It is better to make fun of………..instead of others, at least that way you shall not become the better of the…………………..

8. Short Speech on “Haste Makes Waste”

We should not be in hurry to do things. Haste makes waste. Infect when you are in a….you are not able to things in a proper way. You become confused.

Take an example of a person named Jack. He is in a hurry to leave for the office. He arises from the bed and refreshes himself. Thereafter, he takes bath. He is not able to bathe properly, as he is in a hurry.

He….takes his He is only able to eat a little of his breakfast, as he is in a. Thereafter he dress up and runs to his office. When he reaches offices, he observes that everyone is laughing at him. At last he comes to know that he is wearing his wife’s sandals instead of his….Therefore, we must not do things in a hurry. Haste makes waste.

9. Short Speech on the Blessing of Love

Love is one of the greatest blessings of God upon the mankind. Love is an ocean of wealth available to everyone free of cost. One who distributes love gets abundant love from others. A person who gets the wealth of pure love gets joy, peace, glory, health and happiness in the world.

God is an ocean of love. There is no selfishness and pride in God’s love. God’s love is pure and everlasting. We all are the drop of that ocean of love. God is Supreme soul. We all are souls.

After coming into this world we have become proud, jealous and selfish. We don’t distribute love, but distribute hatred to others.

Hatred is a curse, as it leads us to degradation, while love is a blessing of God. A loving person gains respect and love from others. Therefore, we must love others from the core of our heart.

10. Short Speech on the Cruse of Pride

Pride is one of the greatest evils of the world. A proud person becomes a devil. He becomes disrespectful and disobedient. He does not respect his elders and does not obey them. He does not consider anyone equal to him.

He becomes the cause of his downfall. A proud and naughty person is disliked by everyone. He has many enemies, but a few friends. People are always trying to find flaws in him to pull him down. He is not loved by the people.

The proud man always remaining in airs. He doesn’t like to talk to poor people. The poor people don’t like him too.

Everyone that he hates begin to hate him. The pride is a great curse upon the mankind. It creates enmity instead of love.

11. Short Speech on the “Curse of Ignorance”

Ignorance is a great curse upon the mankind. The person who lives in the darkness of ignorance can never be successful in life.

Just imagine the plight of a farmer who keeps on toiling hard day and night but is not even able to earn enough money for two ends meals a day.

He is not able to defend his rights due to ignorance. He does not raise a voice against exploitation due to ignorance. He is ignorant of the fact that he is being exploited by the landlord for his vested interest.

An ignorant person can’t defend his rights. He lives a miserable life in the world and dies a miserable death. We must enhance our knowledge about our duties and rights, so that we don’t live and die in the darkness of ignorance.

12. Short Speech about “Soldiers”

A soldier is the security guard of the country. He has to be brave and bold. The country can be conquered by the enemies if the soldiers are not able to defend its territory. If the soldier is coward, he would not be able to fight with the enemies courageously.

The soldiers who run away from the battle field are shot dead. They are not allowed to run away from the battlefield. An Indian soldier is given many facilities to enjoy. He is given free accommodation and ration with other perks.

Indian soldiers have displayed extraordinary courage in Indo- Pak wars. Many brave soldiers of India have shed their precious lives to save their country from the clutches of the enemies. The soldier gives us protection from the enemies. He saves hi s nation at the cost of his life. Nation salutes him.

13. Short Speech on “Television”

Television is one of the greatest wonders of science. We can watch serials, films, educational programmes news etc. through television. The television has transformed the personalities of numerous people in the world.

The people gain knowledge about the happenings around the world and their nation through television. They also get information about new products through the advertisements.

Even the villagers are getting enlightened about the worldly matters through television. They watch educational programmes eagerly and learn about many new things, that makes them more sensible and develop their personalities. T. V. is a sheer blessing for the mankind as it gives us beauty tips, cooking recipes, news related to fashion and film industry and news about the work done by the government and much more.

Besides all these, different channels telecast serials which are very popular among masses. In, short T.V. presents everything that suits to every generation.

14. Short Speech on “My Daily Life”

I am a student of class V. I follow a simple routine. I get up at sharp 5 o’clock in the morning. I pray to God for five minutes, then I fresh up myself and take a bath. After that, I take my breakfast. It consists of sandwiches and milk.

After having my breakfast, I leave for school. I love to o to school. The teachers are very attentive and intelligent. They pay attention to all the students of the class. They pay special attention towards weak students.

They tell the brilliant students to help the weaker students in their studies. Some of the students are very selfish. They don’t want to help the weaker students in their studies but I get joy by helping them.

I also help the teachers in their work. After coming from school, I take my lunch. After that I take rest one hour.

Thereafter, I complete my homework and go to sleep. I watch good T.V. serials on Saturdays and go for outings on Sundays. Sometimes we go to watch a good movie in the cinema hall, but I never forget to thank god for giving all comforts of life.