Books Improve Your Life – Short Essay

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For the young, climbing the slippery pole of success, books on angularities of personality make one realise one’s full potential. A casual reading of a dusty, soiled book bought from a pavement bookseller, can make a new star enter your horizons even after being shattered by failures and setbacks. Subsequent readings dispel many depressions. Spirits steadily revive to generate one’s own steam.

Self help books are like light houses for sailors who navigate in rough and unexplored waters. They cross fertilize ideas and are inspirational. Every attempts at exploration yields new and fascinating discoveries. It gives the advantages of a well stored mind and a fuller life. This feeling itself is worth more than a fortune. Books yields a rich harvest to anyone. One is never too young or too old to profit from them.

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Books as on applied psychology tell you about the kind of person you are and show your mind works. They hold a mirror to your personality. Handling problems, managing difficult people, marriage, overcoming stress or fear are some random examples of aspects they can prove to be a help for.

We should not remain a mass, instead become a class by reading books. Buy the book. Practice its wisdom in your daily life. Fill your mind and imagination with its essence. It has many advantages, like having a good wife!


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