Building up Arms is not a Substitute for Diplomacy – Short Speech

January 29, 2019 admin 0 Comment

This special branch of acumen was called diplomacy is an art by which we let others do something our way. This is the most important aspect of diplomacy. Today diplomatic relationship between friendly countries and silent competitors are run very smoothly.

Both the parties know the intentions of the other, but they seldom react. In the cases of diplomatic failures we have been waging

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wars in modern times. Several countries started to build-up arms to save itself if there is a total failure on the diplomatic fronts. But, even then diplomacy is the supreme.

One cannot win wars by killing everybody. There must be a permanent solution to a tangle and that too should be peaceful. Life does not work normal in war like situation.

We need peace and normalcy to prosper, even to live. That is why even after building enormous levels of arms each and every country has diplomatic ties with one another. Arms build-up are never a substitute for diplomacy.


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