Chronology of the development of information systems employed by most organization

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The key objective of Organizational Learning is to purposefully construct structures and strategies so as to enhance and maximize organizational learning to bring about tangible benefits. The concept of a learning organization is increasingly becoming popular since organizations want to be more adaptable to change.

Learning is a dynamic concept and it emphasizes the continually changing nature of organizations.

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The focus is gradually shifting from individual learning to organizational learning. Just as learning is essential for the growth of individuals, it is equally important for organizations. Organizational learning contributes to building, development, enhancement and sustenance of an organizational memory.

Thus, learning systems not only influence immediate members but also future members due to the accumulation of histories, experiences, norms, and insights. The following is the sequential chronology of the development and the types of information systems employed by most organizations:

Operational level IS:

a. Handles routine day-to-day customer interactions.

b. Automates repetitive activities.

c. Improves customer interface efficiency.

d. Capable of providing highly structured and repetitive decisions.

Managerial level IS:

a. Used by middle level and functional managers.

b. Automates the monitoring and controlling of operational activities.

c. Improves organizational effectiveness.

Executive level IS:

a. Used for aggregate summaries.

b. Provides statistical analyses, trends and projections.

c. Capable of providing complex, unstructured decisions with long term ramifications.


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