Essay on Siddha Treatment

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Generally the basic concept of Siddha is similar to that of ‘Ayurveda’. The major difference between the both is recognition of the vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth and water) which is basically the fundamental aspects of life known as form, energy and movement or the humors. The ethics of Siddha practitioner is more complex rather to a set of rules and protocols to be followed. His level of understanding of the world is much above than the normal human beings.

According to the Siddha, various physiological and psychological functions of the body are credited to the combinations of the seven elements which are the: lymph – responsible for growth, development and nourishment, blood – responsible for nourishing all other tissues, imparting color, muscle – responsible for the shape of the body, fatty tissue – responsible for oil balance and for lubrication of joints, bones – responsible for body shape and structure, nerve – responsible for information processing and semen – responsible for reproduction.

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The most important step in Siddha diagnostics, is the pulse reading. The human body remains healthy is all the three fundamental aspects of life are normal, but if three is disturbed, then a disease is caused. The disturbance could be caused by various factors like climate, diet, physical activities, and stress.

The diagnosis is done based on the examination of eight items that helps in the restoration of health. They are:

Tounge (Na) – Black in vatha, yellow or red in pitha and white in kapha
Color (Varna) – Black in vatha, yellow or red in pitha and pale in kapha.
Voice (Svara) – Normal in vatha, light pitched in pitha and and low pitched in Kapha.
Eyes (Kan) – Muddy conjunctiva in vatha, yellowish or red I Pitha and pale in kapha.
Touch (Sparsam) – Dry in vatha, warm in pitha and cold in kapha
Stool (Mala) – Black in vatha, Yellow in Pitha, pale in kapha, dark red if having ulcer.
Urine (Neer) – The early morning urine is examined.

The treatment is done keeping in mind that the three humors are in equilibriums. Having proper diets, medicine and a disciplined regimen is advised for a healthy reading and maintaining a good equilibrium.


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