Essay on the Importance of Dreams

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The dreams of our conscious mind are extremely essential if we want to achieve anything in our life; be it little or big. Dreams are extremely essential, they motivate us, strengthen our desires to move ahead in life no matter what the external conditions of our life are.

A person who is hard working but has no dreams in life is comparatively less successful that the person who is hard working and an avid dreamer at the same time. Dreams are your backbone, you can be successful without a dream but you cannot be happy without it.

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It has been said that if you are already dreaming then you must dream big. Now what is dreaming big? After starting in believing your own capacity and capability, it is essential that you should set a goal, a dream which is difficult to achieve.

The moment you achieve that difficult dream, you will be happier than you thought you would be after achieving the dream. A car without a steering wheel is useless; similar is a life without dreams. You are dead the moment you stop dreaming.

The most successful people on earth are so because of the reason that they believed in their dreams and walked every path, unlocked all the keys on the road to the achievement of their dreams.

Is Bill Gates the best engineer in the world? Does Mac Donald’s make the best hamburger in the world? The answer is no. They are certainly the best dreamers in the world; they believed in magic, in the power of their dreams, no matter what the external world thought about them these people believed in their internal dreams.

It is essential for every individual to dream; whether it’s big or small. Once your small dreams start coming true, you will start dreaming big as a result of both habit and practice.


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