Executive Information Systems as a Tool for Direct Online Access to Information

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Relevant information that is timely, accurate, and actionable and relates to key aspects of a business is of particular interest to managers.

The useful and navigable format of the system is specifically designed to be used by individuals with limited time, limited keyboarding skills, and little direct experience with computers.

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An EIS is easy to navigate so that managers can identify broad strategic issues, and then explore the information to find the root causes of those issues.

EIS differ from traditional IS in the following ways:

a. Specifically tailored to cater to an executive’s information needs

b. Ability to access data about specific issues and problems as well as aggregate reports

c. Provide extensive on-line analysis tools including trend analysis, exception reporting and “drill-down” capability

d. Access a broad range of internal and external data

e. Ease of usage

f. Graphical representation of information

The primary purpose of an EIS is to support managerial learning about an organization, its work processes, and its interaction with the external environment. A secondary purpose for an EIS is to allow timely access to information.

Using traditional methods, by the time the answer is produced, the context of the question may be lost, and the learning cycles will not continue. A third purpose of an EIS is commonly misperceived.

An EIS has a powerful ability to direct management attention to specific areas of the organization or specific business problems. The key features are as summarized below:

a. Provides information for long-term decision-making.

b. Provides aggregate information.

c. Facilitates trend analyses.

d. Monitors internal and external events and resources.

e. Used at executive level.


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