How to Run a School Co-operative Society for Students?

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If one of the teachers takes keen interest in this and shows enthusiasm, running a co-operative society will not be a difficult task. A school co-operative society can deal with books and stationery which can be purchased by a school or by students acting as shareholders, and sold by students.

Selling of books can be done at a specific space and at a specific time. Accounts of buying and selling or income and expenditure are to be maintained under close supervision of a teacher-in-charge.

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Decisions concerning buying and selling of books and stationery should be taken participative through regular meetings. A co-operative shop can also sell other things apart from books and stationery if it wants.

All buying and selling should be in cash and no credit should be given. A check should be kept on stock daily by a teacher-in-charge.

In another form of co-operative society, students settle their disputes and differences. This is called a co-operative Arbitration Society. It should have its own laws and procedures which are evoked when a dispute arises. An attempt should be made to settle matters amicably.

It can be made an integral part of self-government by students in schools or it can be conducted as a separate activity. However, it cannot impose financial penalty on students for settling an issue or for rule infractions. The principal of a school should monitor the activities of the co-operative arbitration society.

This activity is expected to provide students training in self-government, arbitration, rationality, objectivity, impartiality and co-operation. The committee members for this society should be elected by students.


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