How to write a letter applying for the Post of a Travelling Salesman?

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This is with reference to your advertisement in today’s ____________ (Place Name) Times regarding requirement of a travelling sales­man in your organisation. I take this opportunity to place before you the following particulars regarding my qualifications, experience, etc.

During the last ____________ years I have travelled extensively throughout ____________ (Place Name) as the chief representative of ____________ (Company Name), ____________ (Address). In this period I happened to come across with all types of dealers from the smallest to the biggest. I used to draw a salary of ____________ (Amount) per month with first class fare and stay in a three star hotel. Besides, I used to get actual conveyance and a commission of ____________% on net sales. However, due to unforeseen problems arising out of the sudden illness of my mother, I could not remain in service nearly for ____________ months. During my absence my employers appointed another person and hence could not accommodate me.

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They were, however, much pleased with my work as you can see from the enclosed certificate.

I shall be obliged if you grant me an opportunity to appear for the interview.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)
(Company Name)


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