How to Write a Letter Requesting for Grace Period?

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In view of the above circumstances, kindly extend us grace by ____________ (Date).

Inconvenience caused by this delay is regretted.

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Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

A. Ask for More Time for Repayment

1. We are sorry that we have to ask for a further extension of time on our August account. Due to large number of outstanding, we have not been able to remit the payment of your bill.

2. We regret very much that we find it necessary to request you to allow us extension of time in which to clear the account.

3. Due to some unavoidable circumstances we are not in a position to make the payment of our July account immediately and ask you to allow us some more days.

B. Discuss how you would pay

1. Two three large remittances from our buyers are expected within the next few days. We hope to remit your amount then.

2. I am confident of being able to settle the account in full before the end of this month.

3. We have every hope to settle the account before the end of the current year.

4. You should never doubt my capacity and intention of paying this bill at the earliest.

5. I am reasonably sure to settle the account in full by the beginning of next month.

C. Closing lines

1. We hope it will not inconvenience you much.

2. We shall think it a favour if you allow us this extra time.

3. We should be very grateful if you hold up your claim till then.

4. We thank you and assure you of our best co-operation always.

5. We shall be highly obliged for this favour.


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