How to Write Reminder Letters for the Settlement of Accounts? – Answered!

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2. Another Example

Dear Sirs,

We don’t know whether the enclosed statement of account amounting to ____________ (Amount) has escaped your notice, or its payment is being temporarily withheld for some specific reason.

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If it has really escaped your notice, may we have the honour to call it to your attention so that you might now send the cheque in full settlement?

Since it is long overdue, and we have to close our account books for the current year, your cheque at this time will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Starting lines

1) Enclosed is a copy of statement of your account showing an overdue balance of ____________ (Amount)?

2) Our accounts show that you have yet to clear some pending payments vides, Bill Nos. ____________.

3) This is to bring to your notice that there are some pending overdue payments standing against your account the details of which are mentioned below.

4) This is to draw your attention to an overdue debit on your account with us.

5) It is to remind you of your past overdue account of ____________ (Amount) as per our statement of account which we believe has escaped your notice.

6) Kindly consider the attached documents which glaringly bring to light your irregular and pending payments.

7) Our accounts show that your pending amounts still await settlement. Unless your remittance is already enrooted, we may expect one by return of mail.

8) Upon a final checking of our records, we have found that there is a balance of ____________ (Amount) awaiting clearance.

9) It becomes necessary to get our previous accounts cleared to facilitate further transactions.

10) We earnestly bid you to consider an early settlement to harbinger cordial business relations. An early remittance will be appreciated.

Closing Lines

11) We hope you would favour us with a cheque for full amount at your earliest.

12) We shall be glad to receive your cheque by return post.

13) As the payment is long overdue we request you to let us have you cheque per return.

14) Since the balance of the account is several months overdue, your cheque at this time will be very much appreciated.

Second Reminder

Respected (Name),

This is to remind you again of the note we had sent earlier in connection with the statement of accounts of____________ (Date). But it really surprises us that our effort to initial reminder did not elicit any reply from you. We wonder how come such an important note could not catch your attention.

In any case, we are enclosing a duplicate copy of the same to remind you of the outstanding bill of ____________ (Amount) due on your account. The matter demands your attention and an early remittance.

However, if your remittance is already on the way, we request you to neglect the contents of this letter and offer our apologies for an unnecessary reminder.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

First collection letters

Starting lines

1) We are sorry that you have ignored our previous letter of ____________ (Date), regarding payment of your account.

2) As our settlement of account is long overdue, we desire/ demand an early remittance.

3) We have not received any update on your delay in remittance.

4) This is to again remind you that

5) We are in the process of our half-yearly closing i.e. ____________ (Date) and hence remind you of a prompt settlement of account.

6) We regret to remind you despite our earlier letter ____________ (Date) for our early and due settlement of accounts. You have clearly neglected the same.

7) Kindly expedite the matter of your pending payments with urgency.

8) This is to call your attention to your over dues vide invoice No. ____________, Which await your payment.

9) Kindly view the statement of Accounts submitted earlier also for your earnest consideration.

10) For your ready reference, enclosed is a copy of our Ledger Folio displaying your overdue debit?

Appeal for an early payment

11) May we hope that it will not be necessary to send you any further reminders?

12) May we be assured that you would deliver the due payments?

13) We shall be glad/thankful if you take an immediate action in this regard and equitable settlement.

14) We would appreciate an early redressal of the matter.

15) We solicit an immediate payment in preview of our financial closing.

16) Kindly direct your bankers to release our payment immediately.

17) We once again request you to clear your payment at the earliest.


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