Huge Collection of Circular Letters for Students (9 samples)

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Everyone was very co-operative in going to the clients and impressing upon them the quality of our goods.

This has resulted in a net profit hike of ____________% in one month. Thus, the company has decided to disburse a bonus of ____________% on salary to all its employees.

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2. Circular Inviting Fixed Deposit

(Company Name)

Fixed Deposit Scheme

The minimum amount of a fixed deposit is ____________ (Amount) any amount in excess will be accepted in multiples of ____________ (Amount).

1. for one year… ____________% p.a.

2. for two years… ____________% p.a.

3. for three Years… ____________% p.a.

4. for four Years… ____________% p.a.

5. for five Years… ____________% p.a.

Interest is payable quarterly on ____________ (Date), ____________ (Date), ____________ (Date) and ____________ (Date) each year.

3. Circular from Transport Company


(Company Name)


(Company Name)

Dear Sirs,

We are one of the leading road carriers of the country and have business connections with many of the reputed firms for the last quarter of a century.

We operate all over the country including the South doing assignments for all state capitals, besides other important towns, the list of which is enclosed.

We have a fleet of over 100 big-size trucks capable of handling bulk transportation safely and quickly and take no more than five days in delivering the goods at the required place. We are the approved carriers of many semi-government concerns including banks. We have the arrangements for collecting even smaller consignments from the consignee’s door without any additional charge but the bigger i.e. truck load consignments we charge extra at nominal rates.

We shall be glad to perform any service for you also. We again assure you that our services are most dependable and rates most moderate.

We shall be happy to send our representative to discuss details with you at a time and place most convenient to you and if we can please you, and we know we can, that will be sufficient satisfaction to us.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

4. Circular from Transport Co. for Business


Dear Sirs,

We are one of the leading road carriers of the country and are handling transport assignments of some of the reputed houses for the last two decades.

We are recommended by the ____________ (Place Name) Banks Association (to be on the approved list of all member banks as approved carriers) and this should be sufficient to indicate our fleet ownership, business ethics and capacity to handle and execute bulk transportation.

It will be our honour to be of service to your firm for the despatch of your goods. Goods worth half truckload or above can be collected from your office and delivered at the door of the consignee without any extra charge. We further assure you that our services are most dependable and rates most moderate.

We shall be glad to depute our senior officer to discuss with you at a time and place most convenient to you.

Meanwhile we thank you

Yours faithfully,

5. Circular for Independence Day Celebrations

Circular No. ____________

It is hereby informed to all the staff members of our college that, Independence Day will be celebrated at our college cam­pus tomorrow at ____________ (Time).

The principal will preside over the func­tion which will be followed by speeches from invited guests and cultural programme by the students. Tea and snacks will be served after that.

Everyone is requested to be present.

(Office of the Principal)

6. Circular about V.C.R.

(Company Name)

Dear Sirs,

____________ (Company Name) offers a new generation of Video Cassette Recorder which reflects the giant strides we have made in our specialist field of V.C.R.’s The new model FP/250 L has the following advanced features:

1. Super fine slow motion

2. Super still/super still Advance cue and super still Review with search lock

3. HQ High Quality Picture system

4. 7-Day/4 Programme Timer

5. Super one Touch Timer Recording

6. Wireless Infra Red Remote Control

7. Advance Playback without noise or jitter.

8. Auto Power or/Auto Play, Auto Rewind, Rewind

Auto shut off, Power-off, Eject and Auto Eject systems.

Of course, like all Pal Products, the FP/250L is backed by three- year guarantee against manufacturing defects. A countrywide service network is available.

You too can see the latest high-technology features by simply visiting your dealer’s showroom. Special attractive trade terms offered.

7. A Sample Tender Circular

(Company Name)
(Type of Business)
(Phone Number)
(Fax Number)

Global Tender Notice No. ____________

Date: ____________

Invitation of bids from overseas coal producers owning coal mines/overseas coal suppliers duly backed by letter of authority of the concerned coal producer for supply of ____________ (Quantity) +metric tons +/- ____________% including shipping tolerance of freshly mined washed/unwashed straight soft coking coal (size 0-50 mm) to be delivered during ____________ (Date).

Sealed bids/offers are invited from Overseas Producers/ Overseas Suppliers of Freshly Mined Washed/Unwashed Straight Soft Coking Coal (Size 0-50 mm) to be submitted within ____________hours E.S.T. on ____________ (Date).

Interested parties may please visit SAIL website: ____________ (Website) for downloading the tender documents.

In case of any difficulty in downloading the tender documents, the interested parties may contact the Executive Director, Coal Import Group, Steel Authority of India Limited, at the above address.

Regd. Office:

8. Sample Circular Regarding Office Timings


This is to inform all and sundry that complying by the orders of Delhi Government which has decided to have holidays on every Saturday in addition to Sunday, in or­der to conserve petrol and electricity due to a major fail­ure in Northern Grid w.e.f. ____________ (Date) till ____________ (Date), the office will remain closed on Saturdays in order to compensate for the working timings, the company has decided to change the timings from ____________ (Time) to ____________ (Time) from Monday till Friday. The previous timings of ____________ (Time) to ____________ (Time) remains cancelled, till further notice. However, in case of an exigency, a skeleton staff can take prior per­mission to come to office on Saturday, but the timings should not exceed ____________ (Time). This information is valid for a period of ____________ days only.

9. Sample Circular to Save Electricity


In response to the nation-wide campaign initiated by the Ministry of Energy, it has been decided by the manage­ment to implement the following strictures regarding the conservation of energy in the office:-

(a) Staff must ensure that all electrical appliances like lights, fans and coolers should be switched off, when they vacate their respective offices/cabins/depart­ments. The men on duty should switch off the mains to prevent any electricity consumption going waste.

(b) Simultaneously, no officer or manager should use air conditioner for a period of 10 days w.e.f. ____________ (Date), so that there is an adequate supply of power to the various departments and no additional burden is put on the generator.

It is sincerely hoped that all staff members as well as the executive will abide by this circular, which should be treated as most urgent.


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