If you can’t beat them, join them

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Now that is what exactly this statement fits for. By any chance you see that you are in an argument and your opponent is very strong and has good defensive points, then rather than loosing, it would be a twist in the story, when you join them with their same views and viewpoints. It may sound funny when hearing for the first time. However this is the best option to save yourself and the embarrassment followed by when you fail.

When you join your opponent and agree with their statements, the chances for a quarrel is minimised and the chances for a clash could be avoided. The opponent also would not have a person to argue with and thus both the sides would get calmer and fights could be at bay. Winning in an argument requires lots of skill and ones thoughts should travel at lightning speed in our minds in order to get the catchy points where the loser would not get time to think and counter attack us.

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When in a difference of opinion, and you see yourself not anywhere in winning the argument or convincing the opponent with your views, then gradually you could get into the supportive role by being with your opponent and sharing their views. This may let you also understand why they have been defending your views. Sometimes they may be right and getting to them is a good option.

However if you are quite sure that your view and opinion is on the right track, then it is you who have to win the argument and by any chance you loose, then it is all up to you what to do next.

Winning or losing an argument is not the concern, but how far an argument can get into and what would be the end result in convincing your thoughts, is what it all matters about.


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