Importance of Event Hierarchy in Brand Building–Explained!

December 19, 2018 admin 0 Comment

For example, the Smirnoff International Fashion Awards (SIFA). In fact, some television based event shows such as the TVS Sa Re Ga Ma and Close Up Antakshari are live examples of branded events with artistic expression combined with a touch of competitive spirit used as the concept for the events.

An event therefore can be further defined as a distinct execution within an event line that is distinguishable by its core concept or any other variation such as budget, time etc.

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Each of the event categories and several variations of events are discussed in detail in the following sections. Since the client sees an event in its entirety as a product offered by the event organiser when using an outside agency, an event as a product per se can be defined in terms of events that are professionally organized by an independent agency.


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