Kapoor and Premi’s Recommendations on Required Sanitary Facilities for School Buildings

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They suggest bore whole type latrines with suitable water arrangements and squatting type urinals. : Similarly, there should be one wash basin per 100 students. Toilets should be maintained properly, should be kept clean and dry to ensure hygienic conditions.

Co-educational schools should have separate toilets for boys and girls, located separately and far from each other. Toilets should have easy accessibility from all classrooms. Toilets should be lockable from inside. Latrines should be raised by 30 cm from ground level.

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There should be a water tank/drum near the latrine block. Toilets should have ventilators kept open for air-circulation. These ventilators should have wire mesh/welded mesh. Smooth finish dado with rich plaster should be provided inside the toilets.

Phenyl and other disinfectants should be used regularly in the toilets and latrines. They should b; cleaned at least twice a day, once in the morning and again after recess. Automatic flushing arrangements in toilets are desirable. Ideally, a toilet should have wash basins, a mirror and a soap case.

Drinking water should be provided to students. There should be a cement concrete tank with two compartments (Smooth finish). This tank should have a tap and an easily open able lid. There should be 1 drinking water outlet or tap per 50 students in the school.


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