Learn how to write amazing Enquiry Letters (with reply)

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Dear Sir,

You will be glad to know that we are opening a chain of office supplies stores in various prestigious commercial localities of ____________ (Place Name) like ____________ (Location) and ____________ (Location). We are interested in bulk purchase of Bonded Lead Pencils and various varieties of Gel, Ball and Ink Pens that you manufacture. If your terms and conditions suit us, we shall be interested in a long term arrangement with you. We shall highly appreciate if you send us some samples of your stationery, a copy of your latest price list and catalogue if available.

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We look forward to an early response so as to place an order with you.

Your Faithfully
(Your Name)

Reply to the Above

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your interest in our product line. It is really a pleasure to enclose our latest price-list, terms of payment and supply along with the required information. Our representative will visit you this week itself. He will be pleased to give you our samples of our entire product range. We do wish to associate with you on long-term basis and hence the offered terms and conditions have been kept highly lenient. However, if there is any point that you feel adverse to you, it can be sorted out to mutual agreement. We are confident that we will give you full satisfaction and prompt service.

Looking forward to your precious order,

Yours truly,
The Marketing Manager
(Company Name)


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