Neolithic Culture and Its Significant Contributions to Human History

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Many an anthropologists are of the view that since food production, by and large, requires harder work than hunting and gathering, it may be summed that man probably did not become food producer through choice.

No one model can explain all cases, but in some regions food production may have come about largely as an accidental by product of existing food resource management practices. In some other places, people may have been forced into it through a failure of traditional wild food resources.

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Food production itself may not be considered as a spectacular breakthrough if we overlook to consequences of this human activity. A general opinion among anthropologists is that although food production generally provides less leisure time than hunting and gathering, it does permit some reallocation of the workload.

Some people produce enough food so that others can spend more time at other tasks, and so a number of technological developments, such as weaving and pottery making, generally accompany food production.

In addition, it makes possible a more sedentary way of life in villages, with more substantial housing. Finally, the new modes of work and resource allocation require new ways of organizing people, more occupational specialization and specialists, organization of society into lineages, clans, and common interest associations.


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