Short Essay on Family and Society

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Initial development of an individual certainly takes place in family but when a child is 4- 5 years of age, his or her personality starts shaping according to the society.

What is essential to understand is that an individual can never stay happy when detached from the society in the similar manner that an individual cannot stay without his or her family.

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Society prepares an individual to stand out and face all the challenges that the world poses. It can be truly stated that a man lives for the society. Is it possible to be satisfied merely by the appreciation of family members? No it is not. An individual is truly satisfied only when the society as a whole recognizes his or her merits.

As an individual approaches adolescence societal influence, appreciation and acceptance is what matters the most for an individual. If the members of the society accept the individual the confidence level of that particular individual rises to phenomenal heights. The adverse also holds true. If an individual is not accepted by a society, he or she feels unwanted and such individuals are in most of the cases found withdrawn and depressed.

Today, life is so busy that an individual sometimes cannot give sufficient time to his or her family. Giving time to the society is therefore all the more difficult. But the sooner an individual understands that he or she needs to maintain a balance between family life and social life, the better.

It is also essential to understand that it is equally important to follow the rules and regulations of the society as much as it is important to follow the rules and regulations in one’s family and workplace. If family is the blood of an individual, society is certainly the flesh.


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