Short Essay on Family Life

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Humans while living in this society understood universally that if peace and stability is desired in society and human race, it is vital to have families and survive generations.

Families make up the code of conduct of a society, and so if a family weakens, the society becomes disordered and disunited. In brief, for a society to grow and flourish in a peaceful and stable manner, the institution of family is important.

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Let us define a family before taking the discussion of family life further. A family is a group of people related by blood or marriage that make up a household. Thus a couple that lives together with or without its children make up a family. More than two generations of people may dwell in the same place to make a family.

For a healthy family life, it is important that every individual who is a part of that family should get a chance to express his or her views, have a say in the family and be able to contribute to the well being of the family.

Also, one should be able to utilize their potential as a member of the family and the society as a whole and seek co-operation with other family members for the same.

A family can be called a truly happy and prosperous family if all the members of the family have a sense of moral, social, cultural and personal responsibilities and rights. It is while living in a family that children learn to grow from immature and uninformed infants to responsible adults and become competent members of the society.

A family must encourage all its members to adhere to social norms and learn to respect civic values and become responsible human beings.

The principals of a family life include equal respect to both the sexes, nurturing children of the family with high moral values, attention to the elderly members, realizing of social responsibilities, self- sufficiency and healthy relations with other members dwelling in the society.

In the traditional set up women were limited to cooking and looking after the household, but the trend has changed with women coming into workspaces and contributing all spheres of life. It is the relationships in a family system that assists them in learning how to grow together by being able to communicate freely. Effort of every member of the family is required to help a family function properly as a unit.

A family life is complete only if can help its children develop into individuals who can maintain peaceful and stable social relationships and contribute to peace and progress of the society.


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