Short Essay on the Day of Examination

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Despite all these examination tips, students will be students. They will blunder in the choice of questions, in the solution of a mathematical problem and so on and ultimately pass through a several cross- examination from the parents. Why does it happen so? These reasons are obvious. Except one or two students who have no fear of examination because they have read everything well, for a majority of the students, the examination day is a nightmare.

It confuses them, makes them forgetful, perturbs them and ultimately frightens them out of their wits. Even if they enter the hall with a reasonably good preparation, they are likely to forget what they have read because of the nervous fear which seizes them.

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An examination day need not be a nightmare to anyone. This can be achieved by the simple method of being regular in one’s studies. Students should make it a habit to read their books in easy installments. Let learning be not a duty, but let it be a pleasure.

Just as they would enthusiastically learn the contents of a film, let the student learn their lessons as if they are stories or films. If each student studies his lessons regularly, he will feel no burden, and consequently, no tension on the day of the examination and the examination will not be a burdensome duty, but it will be a pleasant experience.

Those who do not follow this method are bound to be seized by an examination fever.

It is such a universal occurrence in the case of the present students that one rarely has the clarity of mind to find out what is wrong and so the remedy seems to evade the students.


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