Short Speech about the Demerits of Nuclear Family System

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The value system in vogue, under the aegis of joint family, has undergone a complete metamorphosis.

And this happening has naturally evoked mixed reactions among all sections of Indian society. The nuclear family, as it comprises parents and children only, is in a better and happier position to determine the line of action it intends to follow regarding the future of new generation.

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Unlike the joint family, where everything was left to the elders, under the new dispensation, the goals can be fixed much earlier and the children allowed sufficient independence and initiative to express themselves in words and deeds.

In the highly competitive milieu, the family acts as a compact and coherent unit and within the parameters of Its means, it makes children Conscious of the problems and possibilities of their situation. For the growing children time is money and nothing succeeds like success are their leitmotif. By and large, a nuclear family is a small family, a planned family.

Each new generation of such a family finds itself in the ever-expanding vistas of fresh knowledge, information and modes of learning. Unlike attitudes in the past, the new generation does not take things for granted.

It examines and experiments with new concepts and tests them on the yardstick of rationalism. They are not swayed by rituals. The value system is based on logic, reasoning and practical proof. All that glitters is not gold. Self-centered, as the nuclear family is, a close look at its mental outlook would reveal that its sense of aloofness and rootlessness has been getting the better of its economic wellbeing.

In moments of emotional stress and strain, its members have none to fall back upon. In the midst of their worldly possessions/ successes, there lie shattered a few their dreams also. There is no sense of respect for elders. Members of a nuclear family do not have a sense of sharing and caring.

There is a lot of selfishness and the spirit to do something for others is missing. This has led to a lot of hardship for old people, who at times are even rendered homeless. In a joint- family system children used to learn from grandparents the values of life, the rich cultural heritage and moral values. Now there is no one to inculcate these values into them.


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