Short Speech on “Living on Different Planes of Awareness”

January 30, 2019 admin 0 Comment

Such steps will open the eyes and ears of the diligent student to appreciate things he never knew existed.

A knowledge of geology, for example, opens one’s eyes to the great forces that have produced the present landscape. An indulgence in architectural planning will awaken thoughts on a young person conscious of the acute shortage of living space in cities. Such thoughts could well make us wiser, saner, more tolerant people.

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Using your brain-power to study the biographies of successful men will also enrich your living. You will come into contact with some of the most aware and sensitive people who have lived on this earth. You will begin to think their thoughts after them, see the world through their eyes, enter into their feelings, imbibe something of their sensitivity. Transform your personality with your intelligence. One can, no doubt, modify and eventually transform one’s personality by the intelligent use of the varied and versatile brain­power. Using your brain-power in the most appropriate manner you will be able to convert your ideas into realities.


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