Short Summary of “1914 IV the Dead” by Rupert Brooke

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It is very difficult to judge the life of any soldier as no one can judge a situation without experiencing it personally. No one can even speak about their sorrows or happiness. However each and every word of this poem has a meaning to it. Poet is asking people to care for those who never look at their lives just to carry out something good for nation. This message is very important in this world as it has become necessity of time to think about those who are completely dedicated to the nation.

War sets a finish to all ovations of life in bereavement! This poem speaks about the pains of those families who have lost their family feeding men in war. The kind of darkness those families go through each day is explained in this poem. The language used in this poem is very much sentimental and readers almost feel like crying on reaching certain lines of this poem. It is an emotional poem that generates a complete mixture of feelings and sentiments. It revives the spirit of nation love in the reader and this makes the poem successful. Poet wins everybody’s heart by focusing on the sorrows of soldiers. He turns everybody’s thoughts to their lives.

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The poet has utilized a huge pact of descriptions to compose the poem in a more effectual sense. In this approach he has succeeded to craft it to be full of mystery and sentiment. Initially he portrays soldiers as common persons; they also enclose grief, joy, they adore and are adored etc.

However after joining the military, their lives amend and diverge from other people’s life in several phases. The most imperative one is that they breathe their last breath honorably and escape harmony and an in erasable name after them. This poem really shows the whole cycle of their life. Proper use of words at proper place makes this poem more readable and effective.


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