Short Summary of “A Blessing” by James Arlington Wright

December 31, 2018 admin 0 Comment

Love is a way to live completely for someone. You started loving that person without any reason. You can not even spend a minute without watching or hearing that person. Therefore it is well said that “love is a game where brain stops working and heart starts its job”. This sentence is very much true and only those who are completely drawn in love can understand the meaning of this sentence. Thus, loving a person with some intent is not love. It’s just a need or fake love. But loving someone without any reason is true love. Irrespective of the look, face or body arrangement, love goes on. Love never bends in front of anybody, it knows its way and it flies on that way.

A Blessing speaks on love. It shows how love can turn sacred. This poem is an inspiration for those who are new in love. Poet tells them to love their partner inside out. He advises not to love the outer looks or anything else in your love. People in love may feel irritated at each at some point of time. But true love saves them and lets them come out of that situation.

Here poet is telling about his love story. How he enjoyed each day with his partner and how they both supported each other is told in this poem. There is one line in this poem where poet speaks about the time he spent with his beloved one. Only romance is engaged in each line. The love that the poet felt for his love is expressed and explicit throughout the poem. Interest of the readers is maintained through the flow of the poem. Readers are tempted to read it again and again. It interests those in love even more and keeps them glued.