Short Summary of “A Familiar Letter” by Oliver Wendell Holmes

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People, out of business and do not want to spend time on pursuing their passion. But it is necessary to take out some time from this schedule and spend it feeling and doing things that really make you happy inside. If you follow poet’s saying then for sure you will realize how beautiful this life is and how happiness is there hidden inside this life. Poet suggests readers to give a beginning and to try writing. For this he says your writing can turn useful and you may get rewarded by money. If reader is not familiar with creating rhyming words then poet shows his eagerness to help them. Poet says creating rhymes is as simple as lying. Poet says writing is very similar to drawing.

In the initial stage no artist has any idea about their drawing but still they try and create an eye catching picture. Poet says that you can also write poems in a similar way. Only you need to drive yourself. At one point poet says that if you write then your poem or text can turn into such useful content that it will get used in schools. Students will rehearse your poem. In this way poet tries to inspire readers towards the subject of writing. This makes poem more readable in spite of it being long.

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In short “A familiar letter” is a lengthy but pleasant poetic explanation of poetry. All terms are well explained providing a good humor to them. This makes it more effective and real. A lot of encouragement lies in this masterwork for those who desire for poetic beauty. They can use this poem as a guide which has all abilities to show exact direction to get started. Poet has won the race in the initiating a person to write and remains a winner till the end of this poem.


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