Short Summary of “A Girl” by Ezra Pound

January 4, 2019 admin 0 Comment

The poet says that this is the time when the girl needs to stand up and show the world that she is as capable as others in performing any task that she is assigned. Pound says that if now she takes a step backwards, it will be impossible for her to make the world understand that what they think is a blemish is in fact her major strength, the strength that will make her succeed in her life despite all the adversities she is facing. When the poetess states that “You are violets with wind above them. A child – so high – you are, And all this is folly to the world.” he states that actually the girl is proud of her disability instead of being ashamed; the girl in fact does not care what the world thinks about her and is determined to carve her own destiny all by herself.

When the girl feels sad, she thinks that she has been cursed by a Cupid because of some mistake she has committed but soon she is filled up with hope and energy that if she does not care what the world thinks about her and if she is determined to move forward, she can achieve whatever she desires. A day will come when everyone who were pity of her disability, would be amazed of her achievements. It will be on that occasion that her being on Earth would be successful. The girl is working hard to make both ends meet so that she can prove herself to the world.

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