Short Summary of A Man’s A Man For A’ That by Robert Burns

January 3, 2019 admin 0 Comment

Robert Burns also stresses on the importance of self- respect with honesty. However much success a person gains, if he or she does not possess the required amount of self- respect, their life is useless. Respecting oneself is extremely essential but respecting others is also equally significant if one desires to secure a good future for all, a future that is full of mutual respect and brotherhood among all the individuals. Self- respect, honesty and respecting others as much as an individual respects himself is essential for all; a man characterized by these entire traits can be termed as a perfect human being according to Burns.

Burns,time and again also stresses on the importance of hope in an individual’s life. If hope is absent in a life, in the life of any individual as a matter of fact, the mere essence of existence is lost. A man without hope is similar to a dead man. Living with hopes is essential for the survival of mankind. In a crux Robert Burns in this beautiful poem depicts the necessities of the entire character of a man, he essentially says how an individual should be in his or her lifetime.

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