Short Summary of “A Sunrise Song” by Sidney Lanier

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Moreover without the heat of the sun, the crops would fail to grow and human beings will stave endlessly. Lanier has beautifully explained why and how the Sun is significant in the lives of all the individuals.

People should be grateful to sunlight and should also thank the sun for giving so much comfort to all without asking. Life on earth is only possible because of the Sun. The poet has compared the Sun to a pilgrim who is only interested in reaching its pilgrimage.

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Similarly the sun is also a pilgrim who has nowhere else to go and thus moves round and round the earth. The Earth is thus compared to the pilgrimage. The sun is actually the best pilgrim according to the poet because a pilgrim visits the pilgrimage once a year whereas the sun is so dedicated to its pilgrimage that all it does is revolving around it.

The divinity of the sun is thus portrayed beautifully in the poem. The Sun is explained as a symbol of joy and hope, a symbol of strength, a symbol of courage, and a symbol of awakening. The sun is a symbol of success and the people should also learn the art of giving from the sun. The Sun without any question and without asking anything in return gives heat to one and all. We all should also learn the art of giving from the Sun without expecting anything in return.

What is more is that the Sun never fails to complete its duty of rising every morning on the right time. If any single day, the sun fails to rise, surviving will become impossible. It is important for us to learn what the sun teaches us most importantly, to be on time and to be aware of our duties and responsibilities throughout life. We should learn from the nature as it is constantly teaching us. The most important thing is to learn the art of giving without expecting anything in return.

Lanier has used personification in the poem by comparing the sun to a pilgrim and this personification is the best of what we can come across as far as personifying the sun is concerned. The poet in a sense says that we should consider the importance of all the little things in life. None of us in our busy lives are concerned with understanding the significance of nature and the sun.


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