Short Summary of “Adventures of Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens

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However, Fagin manages to kidnap Oliver with the help of a prostitute Nancy and a brutal murderer, Bill Sikes on the orders of mysterious Mr. Monks. He involves him in another burglary expedition which lands him in Mrs. Maylie’s house who lives with her adopted niece, Rose. Oliver is shot and wounded whereas the other thieves escape. Oliver gets mercy from Rose and Mrs. Maylie and continues to live with them. Nancy gets to know that Fagin and Monks are plotting against Oliver to corrupt his innocence. Nancy is murdered by Sikes by Noah, a member of Fagin’s gang after she informs Rose’s adviser about the connection between Rose and Oliver on the steps of London Bridge. Fagin and gang are arrested after Sikes dramatically hangs himself on his frantic flight. Fagin is executed while Dodger manages to defend himself in the court by his eloquence.

Monks’ plot against Oliver is disclosed by Mr. Brownlow. Monks is Oliver’s half brother looking after inheriting the property which he inherited from his father. Oliver didn’t know about his father but it seemed that he was born as a product of an adulterous affair between wealthy Mr. Leeford and a woman named Agnes Fleming. His father had died and had left money to Oliver on the condition that he has a good reputation. Rose is actually the sister of Oliver’s mother and thus his aunt. Monks receives his share of the inheritance and goes away to America. He dies in prison there, and Oliver is adopted by Mr. Brownlow and lives happily ever after

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