Short Summary of Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of ‘Eighty’ by Charles Dickens

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Five years later, in 1780, Soloman’s Daisy sees the ghost of Reuben, in the churchyard, 27 years after his murder. He along with John Millet heads for London taking Hugh, the hostler of Maypole along and are met by three men on the way who are seeking refuge for the night. The visitors who stay overnight with them are none other than Lord George Gordon, his secretary, Gashford and a servant, John Grueby. The next day they head for a protest and incite anti-Catholic sentiments and are joined by Hugh in the protests.

Geoffrey Haredale fails to find Barnaby and his mother, but the mysterious man finds them and attempts to extract money. Barnaby and his mother manage escape once again to London. At the Westminster Bridge, Barnaby is duped by the rioters and joins them in the march to Parliament. The rioters burn many catholic churches and homes of Catholic families.

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The protest forms groups with Hugh and associates heading for Chigwell and Barnaby guarding The Boot. They loot the Maypole on the way and captivate Dolly Varden and Emma Haredale. Barnaby is taken by the soldiers and held captive in Newgate which mob plans to burn down.

It is revealed to Haredale that the mysterious stranger is Barnaby Rudge Sr. and the murderer of Reuben. The rioters get hold of locksmith Gabriel to break the Newgate prison gates to which he refuses. When the rioters burn the Newgate, Barnaby, his father and Hugh are unable to escape due to betrayal by Dennis. Military patrols the streets and many are killed.

Joe Willet has lost his arm in the American Revolution, who along with Edward Chester saves Gabriel. They then save Dolly and Emma. Dennis and Hugh are hanged by Barnaby is pardoned by help from Gabriel. Joe and Dolly marry to be the proprietors of Maypole. Chester and Emma marry to leave for West Indies. Sir John Chester, Member of Parliament turns out to be father of Hugh and is killed by Geoffrey in a duel. Barnaby lives with her mother in Maypole looking after a farm.


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