Short Summary of “Beautiful” by Sylvia Chidi

January 4, 2019 admin 0 Comment

The most captivating lines of the poem are “I am beautiful, you are beautiful, We all are beautiful”. These three simple lines are actually the essence of the poem. Though the poet describes a number of things as being beautiful, but still he ends up saying that we all are in fact beautiful. There is no need for us to look for beauty outside; we have been created beautifully by God, what else we can ask for.

The reason why the poetess chose to write on this simple matter of beauty is because she is aware of the fact that in our everyday life we forget to appreciate the beauty of all that is around us and we should start our day with appreciating everything beautiful; we ourselves and our surroundings. Even playing hide and seek is beautiful which almost everyone plays in their childhood. In this competitive world, it is essential to remember the fact that we are surrounded by beauty each and every moment and valuing this beauty all around is extremely essential.

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We all can understand the fact that love is extremely beautiful but the poetess also stresses on the fact that power is equally beautiful. She says that nothing is more beautiful or less beautiful; everything that we are surrounded of is equally beautiful as compared to any other thing. Every beautiful thing whether tangible or intangible was not created by mistake, God intentionally created everything beautiful.

Beauty is the gift given to all the human beings. We just need to understand that beauty is inside us, outside us, we are all surrounded by beauty. We get an opportunity to live life once and we all should live it to the fullest.


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