Short Summary of “Bleak House” by by Charles Dickens

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However, they cannot address each other as mother and daughter in the public because of the established reputation of Sir Leicester Deadlock. Dr. Woodcourt is deeply in love with Esther even though her face is filled with the marks of small pox. Esther gets acquainted with the disease when she takes care of Jo who suffers from small pox himself. Soon Sir Leicester is told about his wife’s illegitimate daughter and suffers a heart stroke. Later he forgives his wife fully because she committed this mistake before they got married. Lady Deadlock is not aware of the fact that her husband has forgiven her and thus she leaves the house dressed as a poor woman. Her daughter Esther tries to search her and at last founds her near the grave of her father Captain Hawdon. Later Esther realizes that Lady Deadlock has died out of cold. She is grief stricken. The novel beautifully portrays the life of the rich Englishmen in Europe.


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