Short Summary of “Heaven-Haven” by Gerard Manley Hopkins

January 3, 2019 admin 0 Comment

The best way to live life is to understand the fact that when an individual keeps a foot forward he should always remember the fact that the foot which is behind is a proof of the fact that life can take a tremendous turn at any given point of time. Life at times is filled with unavoidable circumstances of anger and hatred and so the poet wants to escape life; he wants death.

Though there is a deep meaning hidden inside the poem; the meaning that nothing remains forever but still the poem is negative. The writer time and again stresses on the fact that he wishes to die. The readers who are happy with their lives are forced to think whether or not peace prevails in their life. Hopkins is undoubtedly one of the best poets the world has witnessed, but this poem fails to define the happiness that is found in life. Yes the poet is positive when he says that he wants the storms to stop and the springs to come on time so that heaven is created on Earth but still he wishes to die because he knows that achieving such a day is next to impossible.

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Whatever be the negative aspects of the poem, the poet by stressing on the importance of creating heaven on Earth, clearly points out that peace today is absent in the life of most of the individuals because they do not have the time to think about small aspects in their life. The way of life of the individuals is necessarily to be changed.


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