Short Summary of “Lochinvar” by Sir Walter Scott

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Lochinvar gave a bold reply that he had been looking for the Lord’s daughter since long but was denied the opportunity to marry her. He responded that his love had taken the back seat and he had only come to drink a cup of wine at the marriage feast. He claimed that many beautiful maidens who are far more fair and beautiful than Ellen would open-heartedly come to be a bride for him. He took one dance with the bride after she blessed his wine. Demurely she accepted, blushing.Though there were tears in her eyes, her lips carried the smile that came from her heart.

The two danced in pair with grace and filled the room with their presence. Like the sun she was illuminated by his light. The groom stood there ashamed and unable to do anything. Though bride’s mother was fretted and her father infuriated, they could do nothing to stop them. They were immobilized by his ‘stately form’. The wedding party also agreed to the match between young Lochinvar and Ellen.

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It only took ‘one touch of his hand and one word in her ear’ for her to bend to his incredible will. He was able to win back Ellen’s love.On his horse he galloped away with Ellen. The clans tried to chase but their bride was lost without being in sight. Thus the bridegroom proved that he was a ‘laggard in love’, unable to stand up for himself.


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