The Importance Of Developing Good Hobbies For Indian Students – Explained!

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Teachers can also solicit help from some elder/senior students who have knowledge of certain types of art and/or craft work so as to enable younger students to learn the same. However, such elder students must have a keen sense of responsibility and patience.

Each group pursuing a hobby must have a leader to guide and supervise them – either a teacher or a senior student. School should make arrangements once or twice a week after school hours for students to pursue their hobby.

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It should also supply raw materials, tools and apparatus for the same. Some schools charge additional fees for hobby. Besides, some amount out of the annual day programme/union funds/sports could be used for this purpose if possible.

If articles or objects made by students are sold, funds thus generated could be used for buying more materials and tools. Schools can also organize an exhibition of things produced by students. This can motivate students, enhance their confidence, generate income and boost the image of the school.

It is advisable to convince students to take one hobby and pursue it for some years. There are various types of hobbies that students can take up: (i) music-classical (vocal or instrumental) and light, (ii) dance, (iii) dramatics, (iv) drawing and painting, (v) photography, (vi) fabric painting, (vii) tye-and-dye, (viii) clay modeling, (ix) gardening, (x) wood craft, (xi) soap-making, (xii) candle-making, (xiii) collection of coins, stamps and other such specimens etc.


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