The Importance of Lighting and Ventilation in School Buildings – Discussed!

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Light (room the right side casts some shadow, light from behind throws shadow on the whole work while light coming from front side is dazzling. Dazzling and glare-light should be avoided. The desks should be arranged in such a way that full advantage of light coming from the left side can be reaped.

The rooms should also contain facilities for artificial light such as fluorescent tubes. This arrangement should provide light uniformly to the entire room without throwing shadows. Windows should have suitable curtains so as to adjust the intensity of light as and when required.

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Windows should be placed at about three and a half to four feet from the floor of the room. The total area covered by windows should be one-sixth to one-quarter of the area of the floor. Lighting in a room is said to be appropriate if a student can read ordinary type at a distance of one foot from the eye in every part of the room.

Science and drawing rooms should contain more windows so as to admit more light in them. Thus, the importance of adequate lighting arrangement in classrooms is paramount.

Adequate ventilation is equally important in classrooms as lighting. Sufficient number of doors and windows in classrooms will admit fresh air and light in them with free circulation. Rooms should also have ventilators in the ceilings which can work as outlets for impure air.

Similarly, floor ventilators ire necessary so that fresh air can come in classrooms should have adequate number of fans in working conditions so as to make summer heat and suffocation in monsoons bearable.

Kapoor and Premi (1988) advocate at least three fans of 1200 mm diameter each and four tube lights for a classroom of size 50.37 sq.m. These fans and lights should be distributed uniformly in the working/teaching area.


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