Top 5 apps to read read someones text messages without having their phone

Reading other people`s messages has always fascinated people. Most people are curious by nature and always want to know what is going on in someone`s life. This is especially true between people that know each other, family members and friends. Some people want to protect their partners and children, while others are looking to control their employees and see what they have been up to. Anyhow, in order to spy on text messages you need an application to do so. Not all applications are created the same and all have some minor differences between them. The following apps will give you great advantage when it comes to monitoring someones phone. However, all of them should be used responsibly and mainly for protection of your closest ones. You should compare and use a few apps first before choosing the right one for you. All of them have good set of features, so consider what you think will work best for your needs.

These are the top five apps to read someones messages without being discovered.


  • MxSpy

This is a quality spy application for Android phones. Besides reading text messages, this app gives you the opportunity to secretly listen to people’s conversations. You need to install this app on the phone, create a PIN code, then just send a text to the targeted phone, and you will receive a call back. This app is especially helpful for parents that want to track their children`s behavior and read their messages.

  • Copy9

Copy9 is a great application with which you will know how to read someones text messages without having their phone. Copy9 does many other things besides providing you with text messages from targeted phone. There is a GPS location, social media monitoring, accessing browse history, call records, address book and many more other things. All you need to do with this application is just install it on the targeted phone, then register at their website and remotely control everything you are interested in.

  • MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software

This app is very helpful when it comes to sms spy. Many parents are using it to monitor text messages of their children and for protecting them from online predators and cyber-bullies. There are many packages available with this app, but all packages are worth trying. Main advantages of MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software is that besides reading someone`s messages, you can also listen to call recordings, check out browsing history, view pictures and videos, and accessing GPS location.

  • iKeyMonitor Android

This application provides many great features and is very reliable and efficient spy text app. It is completely undetectable app with which you can easily read targeted phone`s text messages without any worries. You can also track online browsing, chat messages, call records, GPS location and photos. All in all, this is very helpful application that can provide you with numerous great things.

  • Monitor Call SMS Location

Monitor Call SMS Location is a pretty good application with which you can remotely read someones text messages. GPS Tracking, accessing photos and videos can also be done easily. When it comes to tracking, great thing about Monitor Call SMS Location is that you can easily and precisely track the location of the phone even if the phone user has disabled the GPS feature on the phone. When it comes to reading text messages, you will instantly get an email notification every time the phone user gets or sends a text message. Besides that you can also monitor call records, browsing history and access the address book.