July 10, 2017

Hack a Phone – Top 3 Apps to Hack Into Someone Phone 2017

Hack a Phone

Cell phones of today are more powerful than ever. They’ve inserted themselves into every part of our day, the sun rises at sunset, and most of us would be lost without them.

And since this is the case, valuable information and data are often stored on them. Once in a while, for various reasons, you’ll need to hack a phone to access the information stored inside. Whether or not it’s justified isn’t the question. The only question is: what’s the best app to hack a phone?

Spy Apps and Hacking Phones

First, you need to figure out your reason for hacking a phone.

Some uses may include: checking up on a loved one, retrieving stolen material, or to catch a cheating spouse. And sometimes, you just want to hack into someone’s phone and check out what they’re hiding.

Since a phone is essentially a tiny computer with the ability to search, share, and save all sorts of content, there will occasionally be times when you’ll just need to hack into one.

A phone hack should be able to not only monitor phone activity but also take command of the phone to limit or control user ability remotely.

Top 4 Apps to Hack a Phone 2017

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MxSpy – $ 14.88 


Support OS : Android 4.0+

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Now it’s time to choose your app.

Listed below are some of the top phone hacking apps available. They differ on features, design, and use, so check them out and pick one that suits your needs the best.

They also range in price – from inexpensive basic hacking tools, to sophisticated surveillance applications.


1. Copy9

This app is intended exclusively for the Android operating system. It’s a tool to remotely control a device, with administrative duties, for virtually complete control of the phone. It’s a decent hacking tool, as well as a useful all-around utility program. You may find yourself using it for non-hacking reasons, too.

One useful feature of this app for non-hacking purposes is being able to access files on your phone from anywhere. In this sense, it works as a quasi-cloud service.

It can also be a fun gag to play on friends and family. Take over their device and watch their confusion ensue. This feature can be highly entertaining at holiday dinners.

2. MxSpy

MxSpy has long been a standard in the hacking market. This app allows for complete control over a device, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

MxSpy Gold is one of the high-end phone hacking tools available. It has many powerful features: GPS tracking, Cell ID tracking (for when GPS signally is not available), remote device lock, application, and incoming call blocking.

The great features of this app make it suitable for a family or a business. Its features are geared for preventing unwanted contact and content from being reachable.

This spy app gives you full ability to hack a phone and completely control it remotely. And unlike many phone hacking programs, MxSpy does not require jailbreaking. It’s one of the best available.

3. 9SpyApps

9Spyapps is one of the most powerful and expensive hack a phone tools on the market. It’s a complete mobile phone surveillance tool designed for most operating systems.

9Spyapps is one of the most powerful and expensive hack a phone tools on the market. It’s a complete mobile phone surveillance tool designed for most operating systems.

9Spyapps monitors and records: call logs, SMS logs, any media files sent, browser activity, and social media presence.

It has a GPS tracker to locate the device at any time.  It can even intercept calls, so you can listen to them while they happening. The stealth camera mode will take a picture, then upload the file for your viewing only.  

It stores this date on its servers and sends you detailed reports so you can monitor the surveillance taking place.

Other remarkable abilities of this app include being able to hack into the camera and take a picture. It also has a feature where you can listen to the surroundings of a device if it has a microphone.

The 9Spyapps is extremely hard to detect, so it’s safe to use long term.

Bottom Line

Hacking a phone is never an easy thing to do for a myriad of reasons. If you do it, you’re going behind someone’s back and violating their trust. But sometimes a situation requires a bit of snooping.

Sometimes you’ll need to hack a phone of a loved one, like your child for example, for their own good, and for their own protection. As a parent, it may be a necessary tool to use in emergencies.

Other times, a situation may arise where personal or business reasons suggest that hacking is the best way to reach the desired outcome.

If you’re doing to take this path, choose the best, safest, most untraceable program you can find. The four listed above and great options and a great place to start.

Eugene Ladd