Understanding the Concept of Human Development Index–Explained!

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As in the case of PQLI, first minimum and maximum values of the three attainments are determined. For Education Attainment Index (EA1), two-third weight is given to Adult Literacy Rate (ALR) and one-third weight is assigned to Combined Enrolment Ratio (CER). Therefore, educational index may be given as:

Average of the three attainment indices is calculated to give HDI. Value of HDI varies between 0 to 1.

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The UNDP publishes Human Development Report (HDR) annually. HDR is like a ‘report card’ of each country in the field of human development. HDR ranks countries on the basis of value of HDI. It classifies countries into following three categories:

(i) High human development countries (HDI value between 1 – 0.8)

(ii) Medium human development countries (HDI value between 0.79 – 0.5)

(iii) Low human development countries (HDI value between 0.49 – 0)

Harlier India was among low human development countries but now it has made a place in medium human development countries.


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