We make Life Shorter by the Careless Waste of Time – Short Essay

January 28, 2019 admin 0 Comment

It is said time is the most precious thing men and women have got. Since time is irreversible it must be spent with great care. But usually, people hardly care about it. They spend recklessly and so even sit idle. Thus, time should be spent with great calculation and care. Time does not wait for anyone. If it would have been reversible many great histories have been written and rewritten.

Therefore, it is the best way to use time so that we can get most out of it in time. Once time flies it does not get back. And we repent at the end of the tunnel. So, in Victor Hugo’s opinion the short span of life must not be made shorter again by wasting time in our life.

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Since life is itself short a wasting of time is a total crime on our life. We must not make life shorter by wasting time. Time is life and life is the use of time.


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