What are the 4 important Types of Mesolithic Art Paintings?

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Sometimes females were painted both in the nude and with clothes. Occasionally, engraft figures of animals have also been found. Serious scientific work on rock paintings has just begun Math pal (1984) in his significant and path breaking work has tried to study the techniques pigments of the rock paintings of Bhimbhetka; he has also tried to identify various species of birds depicted in these paintings.

Mathpal divides the paintings into four technical styles which are:

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1. dry cool or crayon painting

2. wet transparent colour painting

3. wet opaque or oil tempera paintings

4. spray colour painting

He says that crayon painting is rare in India. Mineral and ochre colors were used with either vegetable juice or some kind of fat as solvent. He has found used hematite pie throughout the Mesolithic pieces occupation at Bhimbhetka.

The attempt to identify various species birds depicted in the paintings has revealed very interesting conclusions; perching birds are absent in the earliest groups of painting as these birds depended upon grain which was not available in a gathering-hunting society.


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