What are the Aims and Objectives of Education in India?

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(b) The National Policy on Education (1986) reinforced these aims to state that education should further the goals of socialism, secularism and democracy enshrined in the Constitution of India.

(c) Education should strive to promote values such as India’s common cultural heritage, egalitarianism, democracy and secularism, equality of the sexes, protection of the environment, removal of social barriers, observance of small family norms and inculcation of scientific temper.

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(d) Education should foster among students on understanding of the diverse cultural and social characteristics of the people living in different parts of the country.

(e) Minimum levels of learning for each stage of education should be provided to ensure the quality of education.

(f) To promote equity, educational opportunity should >e provided in terms of access to education as well as the conditions necessary for success.

(g) Universalization of primary education, total literacy, adult education and provision of wider opportunities for continuing education are also some of the aims of education.

(h) To provide opportunities to those sections of the society which cannot avail of formal education, an access to education through open and distance learning?

(i) To establish network between different institutions in the country so as to facilitate research and development, education in science and technology and participation in all activities of national importance.


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